Aisha Obuobi

Aisha Obuobi is the face behind the women’s fashion label Christie Brown. Her inspiration to start this label came from her late grandmother, Christie Brown, who was a dedicated seamstress till her last days.

Christie Brown was founded in March 2008 whiles Aisha was still in her final year at the University of Ghana. After which she enrolled at the Vogue Style School of Fashion in Accra. She has since gone on to win the award; The Emerging Designer of the Year Award for the year 2009 at the inaugural Arise Africa Fashion Week in Johannesburg, South Africa. Christie Brown was also the only Ghanaian designer chosen to showcase in the Arise L’Afrique- a- Porter, in Paris as part of Paris Fashion Week in March this year. At the just ended Africa Economic Forum hosted by Columbia University, Christie Brown was invited to sit on the panel for “African Fashion Going Global”; a discourse on making African Fashion a recognizable global industry.


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